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Christmas Light Installer

The client, a small business specializing in Christmas light installation, was facing significant difficulties in inventory management. They were unable to keep an accurate track of their items - colored bulbs, power cords, timers, etc. Often, they would discover they were out of stock only when they needed a particular item, leading to delays as restocking from their supplier could take weeks. Their existing system, based on Google Forms and Google Sheets, was disconnected from the inventory tracking process. The owner had to manually update the inventory based on entries from his technicians. This process was not only time-consuming but also prone to inaccuracies.

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Food Truck Association

This food truck association, with 13 food trucks, wanted a custom branded food truck application at a reasonable cost.

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Solar Panel Installation Company

This solar panel installation company is a scaling company. However, they were running much of their sales and operations using Excel. With the supply chain issues, one of their biggest pain points was that they never knew if they had enough solar panels for their upcoming installations.

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Market Research Firm

This company provides market research services for consumer brands in the form of story audits and mystery shopping services. Previously, they were using a Google Forms type system to submit store product data and reports to clients in the form of separate Excel reports for each city that they audited. Local reps were getting overwhelmed by the amount of data they had to enter for each product at the store.

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E-Commerce Business

This business has a drop shipping site that sells primarily custom paint by number kits where customers upload their photo to be converted into a paint by number kit. The process of downloading the customer photo, sending it to the vendor to generate a proof, and getting approval from the customer took about 5 minutes per order. This business wanted to automate this process.

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