E-Commerce Business


This business has a drop shipping site that sells primarily custom paint by number kits where customers upload their photo to be converted into a paint by number kit. The process of downloading the customer photo, sending it to the vendor to generate a proof, and getting approval from the customer took about 5 minutes per order. This business wanted to automate this process.


We built a custom web based solution that automatically downloaded the photo and displayed in a dashboard that the vendor had access to. As soon as the vendor uploaded the proof, the customer automatically receives a text and e-mail asking for approval. Once approved, they could give permission to post on social media which was automatically posted on all channels.

API: WooCommerce


This platform took a process that took 5 minutes per order (not including the time it would take to post on social media) and automated it to down to 0 minutes. With over 15,000 orders over the last two years, this platform saved this company over 1,250 hours in the last two years. In the first month that Instagram was added to the autoposting workflow, accounts reached increased almost 900% and account engagement increase over 7,000% from the month prior.

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