Social Media Ads Management

$ 500.00 USD

Our AI-powered paid social media ad management platform revolutionizes the way businesses approach their digital marketing campaigns. This service uses advanced machine learning algorithms to optimize your advertising strategy across Facebook, Instagram. The AI analyzes your campaign's performance in real-time, identifying trends, and making data-driven decisions to maximize your return on investment. It can automatically adjust your ad spend, target audiences, and ad placements based on performance metrics, ensuring your ads reach the most relevant audience at the right time. Simplify your ad management process, reduce wasted ad spend, and achieve higher conversion rates with our AI-powered paid social media ad management platform.

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What platforms do you post on?

Currently, we will post to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Pinterest, Google Business Profile will be coming soon.

Can I approve the content before it is posted?

Yes. However, we do charge $100 more per month to require us to have you approve the content before we post it.

How do you determine what to post on?

We use content on your website as well as any other content you provide us to generate content.